The Case For Black Conservatism

Tre’ L
3 min readMar 30, 2021

In the year 2021, the word ‘conservative’ often triggers a negative reaction out of a huge chunk of the U.S.’s population. And if you’re of a darker complexion it can bring out the worst in people if you inform them of your political affiliation. But in many experiences I have found that once I begin to break down each issue and explain my stance, they start to agree with the points I’m making (even with people who have never voted red in their lives).

This is a result of decades of media manipulation which has made Black people feel a certain ‘guilt’ from not voting blue, and has enabled them to attack anyone who swims against the current. The average African-American believes in a non-invasive government, the right to bear any and all arms, and a free market to maneuver within. Many don’t understand that they vote against their own best interest every election because they subconsciously vote blue without even analyzing their own beliefs. If you believe that the U.S. government is racist or inherently evil, what sense does it make to vote for more government power (which naturally increases our dependency on the ‘racist and evil’ State). It’s counterproductive and must be addressed if we want to gain respect and pull in the political realm.

“What are black conservatives even conserving?!”

The way of life that conservatism promotes made black people in this country very successful — before the Civil Rights Era. After slavery, men like Booker T. Washington realized that through a free capitalist market , Black America could gain economic power and lift ourselves out of poverty. Between the end of slavery and the beginning of WW2, black people in America were on their way to competing with their white counterparts economically. We had our own churches, schools, hospitals, banks, supermarkets, and… everything. The out of control spiral that you see in our community today, started a hundred years after slavery…but just a few years after America expanded it’s welfare program. The nuclear family disintegrated overnight, we became more dependent than our Reconstruction ancestors, and we sold our soul to a political party that has only sold dreams since. Government overreach stunted our growth then, and almost 60 years later we still vote for our own economic stagnation. To make it plain, the Black conservative is not “conserving” anything per se, but rather returning to our roots — our freedmen ancestors who stood on their own 2 feet post slavery, gained economic independence, and began to thrive in the free market.

All in all, the dependency on one party to stand for us is obsolete thinking in this day and age. Each and every other group negotiates with both sides pre-election so that no matter who wins, they receive a cut of the cake. Black Americans have yet to understand this (Ice Cube and Lil Wayne are just a couple who dared to find the best deal for their people) and they were told by their own people to “stay in their place”. This type of thinking will keep us where we are today. High crime, low test scores, fatherless homes, and economic dependence are all erased if we embrace conservatism and look within for the answers to our problems instead of towards the white liberal.

Till next time.